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MGI prides itself in servicing our clients training and program interests with the most impactful tools, experiences and processes.  We continue to identify and design our programs to meet the unique training goals and desired program outcomes. Through a blend of workshops, retreats, executive coaching and support we aspire to continue delivering exceptional results.

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Experiential approach to training is a “hands-on” style of learning that provides participants with the opportunity to develop and explore meaningful personal perspectives. The training process consists of interactive challenges and problem-solving activities. The experiential training process is a highly effective training method for those who strive to compete in today’s marketplace.

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“People really feel that we are now in a different space after our day with you. Communication barriers have been removed and it helped us understand each other in a brand new way.”

Clients MGI Has Had The Pleasure Of Serving:

U of A Dentistry & Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has enjoyed a strong relationship with MGI since the early 1990’s. Rick and his group organize a Team Building workshop for all incoming first-year students. Generally the students are very apprehensive about participating in this group activity but they end up ranking it at the top of the activities during Orientation Week.

Dental Choice

Thank you Ryan, to you and your company, for your excellent services over the past 3 years. We have implemented many of the systems and concepts that you introduced to us. Growing a company with multiple teams is complicated and your services allowed us to face those challenges head on, and win.

Edmonton Catholic Schools

MGI has facilitated numerous consultation processes and workshops for our administrators, staff, parents and school communities in Edmonton Catholic Schools. They have shared their strong leadership capabilities by demonstrating wisdom, intuition, excellent communication skills and sensitivity to the needs of the participants in each and every process.

Enbridge Inc.

MGI put my accounting team through the paces, and through a combination of group discussion and moreover experiential learning, puzzling, and outdoor challenges, helped us see and feel the power of effective teams. My team still recalls the experience and I would recommend it to others aiming to enhance team cohesion and interpersonal insight.

Notre Dame School – Red Deer

Wow! What a wonderful PD day. It was one of the best (if not the best) PD day I have been on this decade! Great location, great facilitator, super organization, good meal and exceptional team building. Thank you so much.It was a terrific way to start a new school year.

Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve heard from most participants now, and the feedback they provided was that the entire day was just awesome in every way. The facilities and food were excellent (just a perfect venue) and the facilitators were outstanding. People really feel that we are now in a different space after our day with you. Communication barriers have been resolved and it helped us understand each other in a brand new way. The mood was noticeably more positive for the rest of that week, and the general morale here has definitely improved. This event surpassed our expectations – I thought it would be a start to something better but I had no idea we would actually reap so many benefits from just one day. All in all it was a resounding success, and I notice that people smile with their eyes when they mention your name (and this is a skeptical crowd). They also indicated that they’d like to bring you back for annual team building sessions. I have been in the HR business a lot of years Rick, and I must tell you that you are one of the best if not the best change management/team building facilitator I have ever seen.

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